Exhibition 6 – 25 June.  Opening Party: Thu 9 June, 5 – 8pm.  @ Daisy Laing Gallery
Old bakehouse lane.  Chapel Street Penzance TR18 4AE.  Opens Tue-Wed: 11-4. Thu-Sat: 10.30-5

Inspired by “Heart Sutra”, one of the important scriptures of Buddhism, VOID is mixing Japanese woodblock printing with Chinese brass rubbing techniques to perform the abstract concept human emotion. From 169 pieces of small woodblocks to unlimited evolution of possibilities, the combination of different blocks is like language of conversation which is trying to translate the truth and pretense of life.

Winnie Lyn’s practice concerns experience and memories, aiming to translate the truth and pretense of life into different mediums. Currently she is focusing on inter-generational narrative, around both human and human to environment dialogues. She intends to channel her concerns into abstract forms that carry both an emotional charge and a “radiation” of meaning.

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