Welcome to Newlyn Society of Artists

The NSA is a group of about sixty professional artists who either live in the South West or have strong connections with the area. The membership is composed of artists working across the full range of contemporary media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video/digital, site specific and performance.

  • Dirty War
    Dirty War by Emma Saffy Wilson
  • Kopjafak
    Kopjafak by Clarissa Beothy
  • Memory Lapse 1 by Ingrid Newton 2019
  • Stone Speaks by Susan Bleakley 2019
  • Keskerdh An Kammva Dro at Kestle Barton 2013 by Julia Giles 31st August 2013
  • Out On Marsden's Moor by Daniel Turner 2019
  • City of Glass 19 - (Park Avenue) by Ashley Hanson 2014
  • The Further Shore by Janet McEwan 2009