• What seas what shores lV
    What seas what shores lV by Belinda Whiting
  • Going Down Hill by Rachael Reeves November 2015
  • Diptch: City of Glass 26 - (Avenues), City of Glass 25 - (Streets) by Ashley Hanson 2014
  • Interior Goat
    Interior Goat by Suzy Sharpe
  • Roaches rock by Mike Thorpe 2017
  • Forgotten Memory by Janet Lynch 2017
  • The-Intimacy-Of-Liminal-Spaces-2015 by Sarah Poland 2015
  • Crowd Series no4 by David Chisholm Sept 2008

Welcome to Newlyn Society of Artists

The NSA is a group of about sixty professional artists who either live in the South West or have strong connections with the area. The membership is composed of artists working across the full range of contemporary media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video/digital, site specific and performance.