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Whilst completing his MA in Painting at Arts University Plymouth (formerly Plymouth College of Art) Tim won a Turing travel award. He is spending June in Ghent, meeting with Michaël Borremans at his studio, and firming up ties with Singulart in Paris. The painting  “De Maagd” (The Virgin), featured was a gift from Borremans and […]

Follow the link Edge of Dark to watch the video on YouTube. We are pleased to announce that Julia Giles has created a wonderful video documentation of Edge of Dark, an exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations presented by the Newlyn Society of Artists and curated by artist Jesse Leroy Smith at Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance Oct 10th to […]

  I remember in 2016 when we cheerfully echoed the phrase ‘May you live in interesting times’.  It seems the world has become a smaller, darker and more turbulent place since then. Is there yet a place, a case to be made, for optimism?  Thankfully, artists think so. These short films seem to condense the […]

Described as industrial melanism, during the Industrial Revolution when the iconic viaducts were built, the peppered moths (bison betularia) feeding on soot blackened lichen were eaten by predatory birds. Meanwhile the all-dark individuals became more dominant in their population as they were camouflaged against the sooty lichen. Since the Clean Air Act of 1956, the […]

Deposition is a tondo, one of a series of work about the confined human figure that I began in November 2019. At the time I was preoccupied with expressing my feelings about the challenges of ageing, which were overwhelming me. We were unaware of the escalating Coronavirus epidemic in China. As it later turned out, […]