NSA member Cat Knight is exhibiting her lockdown project ‘Isolation Windows’ in a solo show at Exeter’s Phoenix Art Centre. At the start of the first lockdown in March 2020, Knight began using social media to collect photographs of other people’s windows, as seen from their own locked-down environments around the world, creating this series of exquisite and timely gouache paintings. The exhibition runs from 17th May till June 27th.

This act of shared imagining is timely, offering sensations of closeness with friends and strangers alike. Though actual human figures never find their way into her paintings explicitly, they are ever-present by implication, through traces of everyday actions: the top of a chair tucked under a table, a towel drying on a railing, a window left ajar, a curtain hurriedly not-quite-drawn. These domestic objects and adornings become proxies for the absent humans; the scenes as a whole, like still-life glimpses into the lives of others.’

Cat will be giving a talk about the exhibition and her wider practice on Wed 23 Jun. More information can be found on the Phoenix website here. A book of the project as well as 2 postcard sets of selected images are also available to buy here.

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