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Being  a multi-media artist gives me the freedom to choose from many artist ‘toolkits’, but the simple act of painting always took me back to my ‘beginnings’. Before moving from Kent to Cornwall in 2016  I spent many years working on multi-media collaborative projects with other artists, and enjoyed several public art commissions. I’d begun to paint again, too, and the move to West Penwith, with its uniquely varied, rugged and beautiful landscapes inspired my painting and lifted my spirits.But I’m a slow painter, and  restless in my search for a meaningful ‘subject’. The experience of lockdown has been liberating in some ways. I’ve begun to collaborate again, with like-minded artists, and I’ve begun to use my full ‘toolkit’ once more.  This year I’ve been exploring the immediacy and tactile nature of clay, and its potential to express some of the darkness of recent times.

My website is under construction but you can find me on Instagram


I have a Masters Degree in Graphic Fine Art.

Exhibitions / Projects

Upcoming: Alkemi, in search of re-Enchantment, June 15-28 2021

Ten Stories from the Earth, interactive ‘trail’  Sol Force, Tremenheere Gardens , June 2018

Making Space, collaborative exhibition, with Brook Hobbins, Margaret Kerfoot, and Ali Shipton, Margate 2016

Who Do I think I Am?  Collaborative project/studio event with sculptor Brook Hobbins, Margate,  2015

Flight, installation. Canterbury, 2014.

Canterbury at War, curatorial project, Canterbury, 2014.




‘Song Notes from Tresco’  Notes and maps from a residency, Isle of Scilly, 2020

‘Why I never Made It, as an Artist’  2015   Self-published ‘memoir’ with prints

‘The Garden Coat’ an illustrated book for very small children and their grandmas. 2014




‘Endeavour’ –  Shoreditch 2015.  Mural

‘Essence’ – Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, 2011   Digital large-scale Wall hanging

‘Wind Compass’ – Vattenfall, Ramsgate, 2011   Digital artwork

‘De Profundis’ – old Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury, 2009    Digital artwork


Tresco, Isles of Scilly, 2018

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Patricia Wilson Smith

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