As a continuation from the recent show ‘Edge of Dark’ at the Tremenheere Gallery, much of the work being exhibited has been produced just before, during and after lockdown through the COVID-19 period and continues to be a running theme.

My paintings invariably have a narrative and reflect my thought processes at any given time. The images within the paintings evolve from personal experiences, observations, many hours of wakefulness spent reading, walking, swimming in the sea and pools and are very much interpretations of my imagination.


During strange times and unusual circumstances, we are forced to think deeply about life, with perhaps melancholy thoughts sometimes beginning to emerge.

A true sense of perspective simmers just beneath the surface of the mind or maybe thoughts are extruded from deep within the psyche.

Living adjacent to a lake I frequently sit lost in thought both there and in my garden. My senses are awakened by the various sounds of nature as I absorb the quietude and the chorus of beautiful bird calls which evoke a mesmeric, dreamlike quality. It all feels pleasantly surreal, so harmonious, breathing in the intensity of the serene beauty. A truly magical experience and a charm which never ceases to be lost on me.


As early dawn awakes and the sun begins to rise and the musical wakeup call of the many spectacular birds fills the air, all becomes a visual feast for the creative mind. Emerging shadows, mirrored reflections of trees and water plants spring into life in the shallows. Ripples and patterns appear as the light dances around. All is perfectly still, there’s a warmth like an invisible cloak, a delightful embrace, ethereal, an absence of presence. The ancient history that lies deep beneath the lake feels tangible in the air.


Later as darkness descends it becomes more haunting and dramatic. The light slowly fades, sky and water merge creating a beguiling sense of calm with only the skimming, echoing noise of geese as they break the glassy surface of the water with their wings and begin to roost.

At these moments of purposeful solitude and positivity, the pure realisation of the peacefulness creeps into my soul.


All of these natural elements are encapsulated within my work, be it through colour, gestural mark making, contrast of light and dark etc which depict my inner most feelings.

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