Congratulations to NSA member Ken Turner on the publication of his book A Life Being Ken Turner.

The book, with over 100 pages of paintings in colour, describes his life as a painter from 1944 to 2020. Ken summarises it as follows:

The book traces my journey through many approaches to art from early watercolours to the later acrylics. Three London solo exhibitions (1964 -66), taught me to escape from the artworld and I started Action Space to bring art to the community as Social Sculpture. Then to angles, triangles, the abstract, and experiments in performance. The importance of my work today is focussed on dangers to the existence of our planet due to climate change. Also, the corruption of consciousness in terms of art becoming entertainment and stock exchange systems.  


Gilgamesh searching for everlasting life

Bomb Blast

The book can be purchased online here

Delpha with First Proofs of Theatre of the Self

Congratulations to Delpha Hudson on the publication of her book project The Theatre of the Self. Taking its starting point from a 30 day performance of reading, editing and burning 30+ diaries (2017), the Theatre of the Self documents a personal journey through life stories and encourages us to re-think our stories for good mental health. A limited edition of 100 copies of the Theatre of the Self A6 box set of documentation & interactive mental health diaries is available for purchase at £19.95. The work will be featured at the Arnolfini Gallery and the BABE art book fair in 2021.

More information about this interesting project can be found here and on Delpha’s website

You can also see how the project was documented on Instagram


NSA Member Catherine Knight has just published a book of her recent Isolation Windows project. Here she explains how the project came about…..


“During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, I collected images of people’s windows in isolation. Using social media and connections with friends and friends of friends, I managed to collect images from across the globe. 

In the short amount of time that I carved out to paint in, I made small gouache paintings from the photos. It gave me a rhythm and project in this topsy- turvy time. It allowed me to visit other people’s houses, other countries, other continents, albeit in my imagination, and ponder our shared global experience.

The project is continuing during the second lockdown, so if you want to get involved send me a photo of your window, including the frame.”

Isolation Windows book brings together 81 of Catherine Knight’s Isolation Window paintings made between March and July of 2020. With an introductory essay by Lizzie Lloyd and 82 full colour illustrations of the gouache paintings this makes a beautiful and timely art book.
Dimensions: 297 x 211 x 8mm
Colourplan 350gsm cover, 170gsm silk dust jacket and 150gsm silk coated pages
This act of shared imagining is timely, offering sensations of closeness with friends and strangers alike. Though actual human figures never find their way into her paintings explicitly, they are ever-present by implication, through traces of everyday actions: the top of a chair tucked under a table, a towel drying on a railing, a window left ajar, a curtain hurriedly not-quite-drawn. These domestic objects and adornings become proxies for the absent humans; the scenes as a whole, like still-life glimpses into the lives of others.” 
Extract from essay “A view of one’s own” by Lizzie Lloyd, 2020
Book is available to buy
The weight of glories, Belinda Whiting
Mercedes Smith shines a light on a thought-provoking new exhibition. 

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