'Mary's Dream' (After Artemisia) Una D’Aragona

The NSA is delighted to announce that several of our members plus the curator of Edge of Dark have been shortlisted for the Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) Awards.

Congratulations to Andrew Litten, Jack Paffett, Marie-Claire Hamon, Pete Webster, Simon Averill, and Una d’Aragona. and the wonderful curator Jesse Leroy Smith.

The exhibition can be viewed online by following the link to Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) Awards

The Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) Awards is an international open competition for contemporary visual arts which has established a strong presence in the London art world and which is drawing artists from places as diverse as Australia, Azerbaijan, India, Italy, Korea, Japan and the United States. Open to artists working in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, installation or video. The WAC Awards aims to stimulate debate, challenge and provoke, pushing the boundaries of the visual arts scene both nationally and internationally.

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  1. Ken Turner
    Ken Turner says:

    The 60s is now a long way in the past, but reverberations are still going on.
    A major film by Huw Wahl on Action Space is about to show at the architectural section of the Pampadour Centre in Merz west of Paris. The film can be viewed from a link to Huw Wahl’s website.


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