Dr RyyA Bread, who curated last year’s NSA show Ex Libris, has just announced a new initiative entitled Your Creative Core – a series of online workshops bringing together artistic expression and wellbeing through a dynamic interplay of simple writing, making and body awareness techniques. The first of these will take place on Sunday 29th November at 6pm when RyyA will host an online artist talk entitled My Daily Bread featuring a virtual tour of her textile visual diaries produced annually over the last 5 years. The talk will be repeated on Tuesday 8th December at 4pm. You can register for either of these talks and future events on the Your Creative Core Eventbrite page

Here she explains the ideas behind her practice:

I have a creative practice that for over four years has involved making a visual diary with textiles every day – in various increments of time. The data that informs this visual ‘diary’ is crossed referenced from my personal written journal that logs specific daily intentions and reflections and has been on-going for several decades.

This viewing of ‘My Daily Bread’ primarily includes four completed annual artworks, and one in progress (2020). Each one of these pieces starts on 1 January and goes through 31 December of that calendar year. Each year of the project I have used a different textile method or combination of crafts; and the title incorporates that reference. The individual elements of each annual artwork I refer to as ‘time pieces’.

The aim with all of these pieces, and my current approach to making more generally, is to sustain consistent daily engagement with my creative practice amidst the other demands and distractions of living…thus strengthening the ‘creative core’ of my Being.



Dr RyyA Bread