During the second module of his MA in painting at Plymouth College of Art Tim has been transferring a series of oil sketches made from a single panther reference image onto found clothing. The dye sublimation works best on clothing with over 65% polyester in the fibres.

“There’s a tension here, polyester is made from petrochemicals and although cheap and versatile, at the moment there’s no system for large scale reuse or safe decomposition.”

This auction on the 18th of December of shirts from charity shops seeks to open up a dialogue around the ethics and future of animals, polyester and painting.

With thanks to collaborators Hollie Kirk from Exeter University, Marta Martin from Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Liam Jolly of the Auction House.

Symposium is invite only due to restricted spaces.




NSA member Janet Lynch is currently exhibiting work at Livingstone St Ives gallery in St Ives. Entitled The Geronimo Hot Springs Motel, the show runs from 4th to 20th November and includes paintings and poetry.

Janet’s work continues to evolve in unexpected ways but this figurative exhibition which shows work created over many years confirms that at the heart of most paintings there is a constant referral to ‘relationship’. These relationships are indicated metaphorically, the other being represented by a formalised depiction of an animal, often dogs or horses, occasionally birds or other creatures. Sometimes these relationships are pleasant as with Woman with a Red Horse, or disturbing such as the dog in Birth. In one of the earliest pictures painted there is definitely an inferred sexual implication.

Woman with a Red Horse



“I love travel, and when I am away from the studio often find myself writing a few lines as a substitute for painting I suppose. The title of this exhibition was taken from one of these little poems – The Geronimo Hot Springs Motel, a small book of which is available to buy at the gallery.  As with the paintings these personal poems are all the distillation of personal experience.”
Livingstone St Ives, 71–73 Fore Street, St. Ives, Cornwall, TR26 1HW. More examples of work in the exhibition can be seen on the Livingstone St Ives website