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Film – As I Was Going to St Ives

As I Was Going to St Ives is a new documentary film about three visual artists who work with text and who have connections to St Ives - NSA member Vivian Pedley, together with artists Rex Dixon and Adrian Frost. Showing at the Penwith Gallery…

Simon Averill in ‘Entanglement’

NSA member Simon Averill has a new show featuring his 'Entanglement' series of paintings at the Anima Mundi gallery in St Ives. The exhibition runs from 28th May to 11th July. Scientists accept there is much that is unknown or misunderstood…

VOID new work by Winnie Lyn

Exhibition 6 – 25 June.  Opening Party: Thu 9 June, 5 – 8pm.  @ Daisy Laing Gallery Old bakehouse lane.  Chapel Street Penzance TR18 4AE.  Opens Tue-Wed: 11-4. Thu-Sat: 10.30-5 Inspired by “Heart Sutra”, one…

living the DREAM by andrew swan

living the DREAM exhibition 6 - 25 june opening DREAM party: thu 9 june, 5 - 8pm @ daisy laing gallery old bakehouse lane chapel street penzance tr18 4ae Opens tue-wed: 11-4. thu-sat: 10.30-5

PZ.22 CREATE: Penzance Festival of Art

PZ.22 CREATE: Penzance Festival of Art 3 - 26 June Celebrating Penzance as one of the most vibrant and innovative artistic towns in the country. PZ.22 CREATE: Penzance Festival of Art brings together the…

Beautiful Monsters – an exhibition by Una d’Aragona

"In this universe nothing is certain other than the cyclical rhythms of life; births, deaths and the living in between..." UD