NSA member Yolande Armstrong will be showing new work in an exhibition of her paintings at Daisy Laing Gallery, Old Bakehouse Lane, Chapel Street in Penzance, opening on 12th March.


Yolande describes the thinking and the process behind the work:

Women have been, and still are, silenced in many ways in cultures across the globe – expected to be quiet and reticent and to behave acceptably. But women, like other marginalised groups, have also used silence and body language as a way of creating communication and of rebelling. These paintings celebrate the possibilities of a rich ferment of thoughts, feelings, emotions and potential for action behind the signalling which women present to the world.

The work is based on a collection of photographs made over many years, some taken by me, some shared by others. While a photographic image is a fleeting moment captured by mechanical means, translating a photograph into painting is a tactile process using human skills and physical materials to make marks and meaning over a period of time.

The nature of painting has enabled me to explore posture, gesture, positioning of figures and historical and social context, and to suggest through the use of paint medium new layers of meaning, interesting resonances. The flaws, or peculiarities which we might now quickly delete in digital images, are often rich and suggestive…

The show runs until 1st April and the gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, plus Easter Sunday and Monday.


Newlyn Society of Artists Showcase 2023

Saturday 14 October to Sunday 5 November.

Tremenheere Gallery, Tremenheere

Sculpture Gardens, Gulval, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 8YL


The Showcase is one of the NSA’s twice-yearly exhibitions at Tremenheere. Drawn from our membership of almost 100 professional artists, this exhibition aims to present a slice of lively and thought provoking art created in Cornwall in the 2020s. There is no house style in the NSA. The visitor can expect to see high-quality work across a range of media reflecting the wide diversity of practices and interests within the membership where the nature and challenges of contemporary life find an artistic voice.

On Saturday 21 October a group of participating artists will be at the gallery from 1.45pm to talk to visitors about the ideas and processes involved in their practice. The Artists Talks will be followed at 3.00pm by a presentation by Dr Virginia Button with ‘Some thoughts on the Artist’s Society in a Rural Community’.

This will offer a critical perspective on the function of a Society such the NSA for the contemporary artist, their work and the Society’s relationship with the community in which it is located.

Entry to the gallery is free. If you would like to attend the artists talks and presentation on the 21 October, please book via Eventbrite. By scanning the code on the poster with your mobile phone you will be redirected to the Eventbrite online page. Tickets are free.

Newlyn Society of Artists Established in the late 19th century by an influential group of Landscape and Social Realist painters, the NSA exists today as a group of almost 100 contemporary artists who live in West Cornwall or have a close connection to it. They work across a range of disciplines from painting and sculpture to performance and the moving image.

The NSA is run by an annually elected committee and continues to seek new opportunities and welcome new membership applications. In 2017, the NSA began an exciting new partnership with Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, whose new, contemporary gallery space is now their new home, and the venue for twice yearly NSA exhibitions.

Ginny Button is an art historian, writer, curator and academic, with expertise in modern and contemporary British Art.  Formerly a curator at London’s Tate Gallery and Tate Britain, she curated the Turner Prize for much of the 1990s before moving to Cornwall in 2001, where she worked at Falmouth University, initially as Course Leader MA Curatorial Practice, then as Head of Art and Director of Falmouth School of Art.


‘Noa’ Notes from the margins

23-24 Sept at The Lafrowda Club, St Just, Cornwall. 6-9pm.

Two evenings featuring a collaborative installation between Mike Thorpe and Terry Gibson with soundscapes, film and artworks from a residency early this year at Brisons Veor.

Free admission


NSA members Heather McAlpine and Mike Newton, together with Lynette Pierce, have an exhibition 3 ST. IVES PAINTERS, at the Crypt Gallery, St. Ives.

They would love you to join them for a glass of wine at the Private View this Saturday 22nd July 3 – 5pm.

The exhibition is open daily 10.30 – 5.00 and runs until Friday 28th July. It’s a great show – hope you can make it!

engage - exhibition



Saturday 1 April to Sunday 23 April 2023
11am-4pm (closed Mondays)

Open Bank Holiday Monday

Tremenheere Gallery
Gulval, Penzance TR20 8YL

Opening event: Saturday 1st April 2-4pm


Art is Technology – The Newlyn Society of Artists Spring ’23 Show Engage 

Article by Kate Reeves-Edwards



NSA collaborative Immersive Technology Project

Over the past nine months, five NSA members have had the opportunity to work with Professor Tanya Krzywinska, a Research Professor working with Immersive Games and Technologies at Falmouth University.  They have been given support to create augmented and virtual reality dimensions to their own work. This will be exhibited as part of the launch show for two new apps created by Tanya and NSA member Professor Penny Florence for Tremenheere Gardens, as well as being part of the NSA show.

The two Tremenheere apps are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the work with the other 5 NSA artists is part of Falmouth and Exeter Universities’ Immersive Business outreach project  https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/immersive-business funded by European Regional Development Fund.

Newlyn Society of Artists members Michelle Ohlson, Andrew Litton, Simon Averill, Kate Walters and Pat Wilson-Smith have been developing pieces of work using Augmented Reality so that while a work might hang on the wall, other versions of it can be seen through a phone app. Kate Walters has created a piece using Virtual Reality which can be experienced using a headset so that the viewer feels inside the actual work.

The Newlyn Society of Artists always produce shows which inspire and excite. We are particularly pleased to be part of this new development in technology which opens up the art world in just the same ways in which Passmore Edwards aspired to do. We hope that you enjoy it!


Please click on the link Additional Information to read more about the artists and the work.


This show is dedicated to Passmore Edwards, who was born 200 years ago and who promoted education and accessibility to the arts for those who could not otherwise afford it. To do this, he invested in and built schools, hospitals and galleries around Cornwall and the south, including notably Newlyn Art Gallery.


engage - exhibition

communal earth painting workshop 

for Newlyn Society of Artists at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

with Peter Ward  

Thursday 13th April 2023 (1100 – 1430) 



NSA member Mike Newton is taking part in a special exhibition at the St Ives School of Painting. The Living and the Dead is a collaboration between painter Mike Newton, poet Mike Stevens and sound artist Christian Guerrini, all living and working in St Ives. The exhibition features Mike Newton’s portraits of six Romantic poets and Mike Steven’s poetry based on redacted words from the same poets together with further portraits and original poems by Newton and Stevens . The private view on Friday 30th December 6.30 – 9pm will include a reading of the poems by Mike Stevens with sounds by Christian Guerrini and a Q&A session giving the background to the genesis of the project. Limited seating  and drinks are provided. The show runs from 27th December to 2nd January at the Borlase Smart Room, St Ives School of Painting, Back Road West, St Ives.

NSA member Daniel Turner will be exhibiting his work at the Picture Room, Newlyn Art Gallery  in a show entitled The Paint Club.

On show will be a series of small, individually framed, oil on panel paintings made over the last two years, part of an ongoing series The Paint Club. The themes within the works include peril, loss, devotion, and salvation.

“​I like the notion that all painters essentially operate under the same conditions and that painting is somehow a different thing Art wise. I think once you realise painters paint the way they do because they can’t do it any other way, have spent years working towards this realisation, then Painting and the trappings of The Painter become interesting subjects in their own right.”

Daniel Turner is a contemporary British artist working in Cornwall whose work examines the rituals of the painter, the act of painting and the nature and functions of the painting and the studio.

The exhibition runs from 5th November 2022 to 7th January 2023 at the  NEWLYN ART GALLERY, New Road, Newlyn, TR18 5PZ

Hils Tranter is featured artist in October 2022 at The Gurnard’s Head, St Ives, TR26 3DE
EVENT: Meet the Artist
Saturday, 29 October 2022, 10.30–11.30
Meet October Artist of the Month, Hils Tranter, over tea and cake in the snug at The Gurnard’s Head.
Hils Tranter lives and works in a quiet rural haven in west Penwith, surrounded by space and skies. Her artwork is rooted in observation – responses to internal and external weather and landscape – following what draws her attention. Journalling and mindful mark-making is at the core of her practice, often linked with themes of music, movement, rhythms and dance. Play, experimentation and daydreaming are essential to getting in the zone where magic can happen. Hils says:
“There’s usually an experience or a moment I’m trying to express or capture, though sometimes it feels like clutching at smoke.”


Saturday 8 October to Sunday 30 October 2022
11am-4pm (closed Mondays)

Tremenheere Gallery
Gulval, Penzance TR20 8YL

Opening event: Saturday 8 October 2-4pm

“The map is not the territory” is a phrase coined by the Polish-American philosopher and engineer Alfred Korzybski. He used it to convey the fact that people often confuse models of reality with reality itself.

As visual artists, our work is a continuous modelling/depicting/mapping of the various realities which we perceive and within which we live. This theme offers the chance for NSA members to make explicit some of the issues which we face as artists, as well as to explore some of the potent questions around identity and community, boundary and belonging in our world today.

This is a rich theme for NSA members and we hope that this will produce an exciting and nuanced exhibition. 

Newlyn Society of Artists is one of the longest-surviving and most prestigious groups of professional artists in the UK. The NSA currently has close to ninety members, including artists working across all disciplines from painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and film. At least twelve have been Royal Academicians. All members are either living in or strongly connected to Cornwall’s extraordinarily active and vibrant contemporary art scene. 

Click on the link to view the list of artists and their work, including the title, medium and price.