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My practice concerns experience and memories, aiming to translate the truth and pretense of life into the mediums of ceramics, drawing and mixed sculptures.

Currently I am focusing on inter-generational narrative, around both human and human to environment dialogues. I want to channel my concerns into abstract forms which carry both an emotional charge and a “radiation” of meaning.


Exhibitions / Projects

June 2021: “In the Forest” in Daisy Laing Gallery in Penzance.

June 2021: “Into the Light” group exhibition with Penzance Studios at the grand gallery of Penzance School of Art.

Feb. 2020: “Depiction – the human form” in Heseltine Gallery in Truro.

Dec. 2019: “Truro Art Exhibition” in Heseltine Gallery.

Nov. 2019: “PLAY” show with a group of Penzance/Newlyn artists in Daisy Laing Gallery.

Sept. 2019: RWA 167 Annual Open Exhibition, selected and exhibited in the Royal Western of England Academy in Bristol.

Jun. 2019: outdoor sculptures exhibited in Tremenheere Sculpture Garden during the Sol Force event.

Jun. 2019: “Human Gravity” painting and ceramic sculptures exhibition in Daisy Laing Gallery.

Mar. 2019: Organize and take part of Penzance Art Market in St. John’s Hall.

Nov. 2018: “Shape of Chapel Street” exhibition in Daisy Laing Gallery.

Jun 2018: “RE:CONSTRUCT” ceramic exhibition in Daisy Laing Gallery.

Sept 2017: “Café Mood” painting exhibition in Daisy Laing Gallery.

Feb 2017: “Human Gravity Chapter II – Impressiion“ solo exhibition in Sewing Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

Nov 2016: ”Canopy” group exhibition, in PZ Gallery

July 2016: Took part in the “Picturing the Mine” workshop project and produced prints to celebrate the Cornish Mining Heritage.

May 2016: Group exhibition – Taiwan Women Artist annual exhibition.

Apr 2016: “Human Gravity Chapter I – Radiation” solo exhibition in Sewing Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

Mar 2016: Group exhibition – Newlyn School of Art mentoring group in Chapel House, Penzance


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