• sited sound performance at the Acorn theatre
    Saw Sings by Delpha Hudson 2013
  • Self-denial
    Self-denial by Pippa Young
  • self-absorbed by Pippa Young 2013
  • The Cruelest Month
    The Cruelest Month by Veronica Vickery
  • Garden in the Rain 2
    Garden in the Rain 2 by Carole Page Davies
  • sited sound performance in the old smoke ovens, Newlyn
    RED HERRING! by Delpha Hudson 2013
  • low tide exposure
    low tide exposure by Dorothy Searle
  • A Place for Daydreaming
    A Place for Daydreaming by Veronica Vickery

Welcome to Newlyn Society of Artists

The NSA is a group of about one hundred and forty professional artists who either live in the South West or have strong connections with the area. The membership is composed of artists working across the full range of contemporary media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video/digital, site specific and performance.