• Bioillogical
    Bioillogical by Susan Bleakley
  • Polycrop 1 by Julia Giles
  • study no1: two plus two equals five by Mark J. Nicholls pen on paper A4 2013
  • Dora Maar
    Dora Maar by David Chisholm Charcoal and acrylic rub on paper 1189mm x 841mm March 2013
  • study for a head by Mark J. Nicholls acrylic and oil on unprimed plywood 30cm x 32cm 2013
  • The Woodland Bath by Sarah Poland Lithograph 450x318mm 2012
  • Daffodil
    Daffodil by Anne Wallace
  • A new reflection by Amy Albright Oil on canvas 101 x 76cm 2013

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